Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finished Zoe - Yay!

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Here is a piece in Roll by Jon Parrish that mentions my piece at the Road Kill show in Athens, NY - yes I know I write for Roll too - spoil sport - but I don't know JP from Adam. Aside from "moi" the article is good on the exhibition in general:
                       So, I finished my painting of Zoe - Yay!
Scroll down to the previous post to see the work in progress. I am very happy with it as it is one of the few pieces I have that was begun from life and finished from a photo. My worry is that most portraits that I've seen that are done from photos suck - sorry! They are lifeless and even more so when the subject is smiling or laughing. In this case, my concern was to keep the sense of immediacy that I caught in that first sitting - approx 2.5 hours - through the process to completion and, I think anyway, that I've been successful. This is very good from the practical POV that people are often not available to sit for up to 14 hours - yes, crazy huh!

Zoe, oil on canvas, August 2014
So now am in a new quandary - I have this painting of Lief Grund that my husband, Carey Harrison, insists is finished - the head is finished - and I ought to just leave it as is (Carey has, at times, been known to run away with my paintings and hide them). But I am not convinced:
    Lief - Oil on canvas - July/August 2014
                                                            Lief - Oil on canvas - detail

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