Friday, June 27, 2014

Zoe in progress

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This is my latest writing effort for Roll - an article highlighting art shows in the Hudson Valley:

So I've finally gotten back to Zoe's portrait - started it in April 2014 when my daughter Zoe was visiting from London, and am finishing it from photos. I am making headway on it - following is the progress so far. (BTW, I just discovered that if you click on an image you get an enlargement, but then you can further enlarge any section of the picture by moving the curser to what ever area interests you, and click again - this is pretty cool feature for looking at paintings.)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Byron and Zoe: Works in Progress

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Just posting a couple of works-in-progress that I am pretty happy with. The painting of Zoe, my daughter in fact, will have to be completed from photos as she lives in London (UK) so not available. The challenge will be to keep the freshness in the image, unlike the painting of Justin (from my previous post). I'll also have to finish Byron from photos but I have the most important info down (the head) so that should be no problem. Hopefully I'll get those arms solidly on his legs as opposed to floating, as they are now.