Monday, September 21, 2015

Back from Ireland

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at the South Tipperary Arts Centre (STAC)

So my trip to Ireland (England and Scotland) was a blast. But the main reason I went: my portrait exhibition "Home Towns"  in Clonmel, my original home town, was the bomb! It took place in August at the South Tipperary Arts Centre (STAC) to no small amount of enthusiasm. Click HERE for a review piece about the show in the local newspaper. There was also a nice review/interview piece which isn't online, alas. 

The opening on August 4th was packed - having left Clonmel mumble mumble years ago, I expecting and would have been happy with ten people and a dog (maybe two dogs). As it was, the exhibition broke the record for the most visited solo exhibition in the history of the venue. The exhibition which consisted of 50% portraits from Woodstock and 50% from Clonmel, was opened by Mayor Patrick English, on August 4th. Most of the paintings were in the 12 x 12 inch format but there were a few that were larger. The subjects of the Clonmel portraits remained a secret until the actual opening so that was a lot of fun.  Above is a video of the launch with the introduction by the mayor and following are some photos of the artworks with their subjects:

 Painting of Patricia O'Sullivan, nee Keely, Clonmel's first woman mayor (then and now) and also Ireland's youngest (to date) - she was only 19 when elected to office. This painting is now in the care of the South Tipperary Museum.

  Portrait of Maureen Purcell, one of the founding members of the South Tipperary Arts Group (STAG) of which I was a member as a teenager. Maureen has continued to shine a light on art in the area over the years and is a constant volunteer at STAC (the Arts Centre). This portrait is under the care of the Museum also, but on long-term loan to STAC. Photo below includes John Fahey, the chairman of board at STAC.

Below are some of the subjects with their portraits.
 Joe O'Sullivan (2014/15 President of the Clonmel branch of the Rotary Club)

Mrs. Peggy Kennedy

 Michael Kieley (hall manager of Banna Chluain Meala - Clonmel Marching Band)
  Tony Barry

Patrick (Paddy) Cashin

 Above and below is portrait of Seamus Healy - oil on linen, 20 x 20." Mr. Healy is a TD (Teachta D├íla, Irish equivalent of an MP or Member of Parliament) for the district of South Tipperary. 

 And finally, the two youngest subjects, Lilyrose and Maria. 

That's it for now. To see the rest of the Clonmel group, and the Woodstock group too, visit the Portrait Portfolio in Gallery 1 (note drop down menu) on my website or just click HERE

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